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love and mathe m a t i c s [entries|friends|calendar]
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[19 Nov 2004|02:27am]
[ mood | awake ]

i will mainly be using swingswing_miss from now on
which is friends ONLY.
so if you want me to add you
simply comment
and if you don't have an eljay
either get one
or be screwed.


[19 Nov 2004|01:34am]
at open gym yesterday they played taking back sunday.

it made my day.
2 !!!!

[17 Nov 2004|10:35pm]
yay for following clare. and being a loser. and posting this in my TWO FRIKKEN JOURNALS!!!!

take it, goddammit!

[17 Nov 2004|06:28am]

[16 Nov 2004|02:20pm]
eeeek who made the honor roll, WHO MADE THE HONOR ROLL?!?!? (yes, moi) ok, it was effing commended but who gives a shytshel because last year i only made the honor roll once out of the four terms.....so in your face, NHS.

if you let me have my way i swear i'll tear you apart [15 Nov 2004|03:11pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

haven't updated either journal in quite a while. wait. ok yeah.

i've been listening to a lot of brand new lately.
i really don't know why.
just all of sudden i got that feeling
that i really needed some brand new.

i like my life.
i have a lot going on.
grades come out tomorrow.
i don't know what to expect
so i guess i'll just wait until i get my report card.
which i hope isn't in english period
because i have that first.

but BLOCK STUDY TOMORROW! praise the lord.

and it snowed over the weekend.
from friday morning through saturday.
and that made me happy.

and i kate said that i make her happy too.
i forget why though.

french blocked sucked.
but went by real fast.
and amy skipped class
and left jackie, lisa, and I all by ourselves
to do our little in-class project thing.
which pissed all of us off.
but oh well.
that's life.

so from friday to sunday my cousins were here. saturday night we dropped off ethan—the younger one—in mendon and we still had nicole for the night. i love her so much. we went to church then stopped by shaw's to get a few things for dinner. ended up getting home at almost 8 pm because we saw mrs. grady (my 7th grade english teacher and a good friend of my mom's). so they talked for an hour. and nicole and i ran around the store aimlessly picking up junk food and salads and eggnog and feta cheese. and we got a dozen krispy kremes (eek!) for breakfast. it's weird. 6 krispy kremes tastes like one donut (i dont know how to spell it the long way) from dunkin donuts. but i can't eat at dunkin donuts anymore because they want to kill me so i stick with my once-every-three-months krispy kreme donut. sheer bliss.

so then we came home and made massive salads with everything on them and scallops and eggnog. or, "nutmeg" as we couldn't stop calling it. made a fire and set things aflame on the deck.

sunday i got up, showered, did all that stuff then finished my homework and my aunt and uncle came to pick up nicole. she left then my mom and i went out to pick up tim, matt, and mai. went to ccd then to the mall with mai, lora, our moms and sam mcD. bought a shirt for abby and a different one for myself and new shoelaces from hot topic. and they kick butt. actually. they really don't. i just like to think that. bought some other things for mai's party. decided what i'm going to wear.

but FIRST on saturday it's the ski show. :D :D :D :D. hopefully elise can come? and even if it is completely crappy like last year, there's always the free stickers and ice scrapers to look forward to.....whew.

and still. no pictures.
je suis désolé.

however i do have my christmas list planned out.
maybe i'll let y'all in on it.

but for now, that was a ginormous entry.

adios, loves.

Then ask me what it's like to have myself so figured out.
I wish I knew.

here's to the bride and the groom... [11 Nov 2004|12:55pm]
[ mood | bop ]

new FRIENDS ONLY journal:
i'm not sure if i'll even use it.
or if everything will be friends only.
but you get the concept.


are you ready for a little.....brand new? [09 Nov 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Last night I swallowed liquor and a lighter
and this morning I threw up fire
But it's nothing new
I've been piecing it together and it's got something to do
with every look thrown like a knife across a crowded room
And every slow and quiet car ride I spent drinking in the backseat
Every stupid melody to every stupid song,
and every stupid word that everybody's hanging on

What difference does this difference in age make?
I know how it ends... she'll kill me quick.
Call 911, I'm already dead but
someone should be caught and held responsible
for this bloody mess

Last night I fell asleep next to a liar
and I woke up with a shiner
And it's all that I remember from a night spent lying on my back with a view
of a stone white ceiling and the back of your head
And this quiet dark bed feels like the middle of nowhere
And we beat each other up just like we always do
When I'm talking to myself I'd always rather be talking to you

What difference does this difference in age make?
I know how it ends... she'll kill me quick.
Call 911, I'm already dead but
someone should be caught and held responsible
for this bloody mess

Call homicide, take the case to court
Cause her lips taste like a loaded gun
I'm her number one chalk outline on the floor

They hung her from the bridge on Monday
The gathering turned to a mob out on the lawn
They dropped her body in the river
School and work returned to normal before long
(before long... and no one will mention any of this again)

Call 911, I'm already dead but
someone should be caught and held responsible
for this bloody mess

Call homicide, take the case to court
Cause her lips taste like a loaded gun
I'm her number one chalk outline on the floor
2 !!!!

[08 Nov 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

friday? spent the night at the mall with kate. ran into a bunch of people from hopkinton. i already mentioned that, didn't i? but anyways. cvs was fun. for the seven minutes we were in there. because we made complete fools of ourselves and gave bitchy looks to the sluts in there. mmhm. it was awesome.

saturday was like a trip back 10 years to when i was 5. it was mai's sixteenth birthday (whew!), but our moms and us went to see a sneak preview of the polar express. and i do believe we were the oldest ones under 35 there. it was great. so then we went out to lunch and then when i was at my house dan and matty c stopped by and we went to mai's house. again. and hung out for a while. had some uber fun times. i love hanging out with them. <3

then at 7:30 i had to babysit. got back around 1 am. maybe it was 12:45. but either way, i think i fell asleep there. i was so tired.

slept in until 10:30 sunday morning, then dan and matt showed up at my house for the second time in two days. so we walked up to mai's house and hung out again. twas fun, for the half hour we were there. hah. so then matt & dan & me walked back down to my house and played pool and watched the exorcist for a while. we were all supposed to go to a movie but only my mom said i could go...and since my dad is always the deciding vote, he said no. and after much arguing i had to stay home. i almost broke matt's finger and i made dan's thumb bleed. wtf???? lol sorry guys. hah.

what the FUCK. who fucking hates somebody because they have the same fucking article of clothing as them. and it's not like. ah. gawd. jesus christ. that pissed me off today. but, honestly, their opinion isn't going to help me get out of this town and it isn't going to help me get into college and it isn't making me any less of a good person now, is it? exactly. so i could care less. it just gives me and kate a reason to cough out "HATERRRRRRS!!!" whenever we see them. wow. i really don't get it. who died?

& this sickness isn't me.

so i take the bus home and around 2:10, a bunch of cars come screeching into the driveway with a bunch of adam's friends. they came equipped with bats, sledgehammers, coats, and a gas grill. a few of them hauled it waaayyyy back into the woods and we all followed with our weapons. so we threw it off pride rock and all them oh-so-manly men smashed the shit out of that thing. when we had dismantled every part and busted it to pieces, they moved on to attack the remnants of our ex-ex-ex neighbor's tree houses. then we all gathered on a rock and they started rambling off plans for the summer. then we made our way back after reaching the highway behind our house, and found our house and got drinks. then we piled in dj & gib's cars and went to tasty treat. sped back in dj's car and i got dropped off. and now i must go cook chicken for my irresponible brother.


and SCORE! bru concert coming up??? on the 30th. i doubt i'll be able to go. because, a) it's a school night b) it's in PROVIDENCE at 8 on a school night, and c) it's during tryouts week. and that sucks. i need to go to the captain's practices. maybe i'll take next week as my last week working? that'd be awesome.




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